The Key Factors to Keep in Mind for a Road Trip

In the constant rush of our life, we are burdened with all types of stress for work, family, career, etc. People tend to get so much stressed out that they take medicine for temporary relief, which actually has a drawback in the long run. There are various ways to shed off the stress of an individual. In a country like India, you can never go wrong with the thought of a road trip, it doesn't matter which part of the country you plan to go to. Each and every road, alley, corners of the country is so beautiful that you can never regret your choice. Road trips are perhaps the best way to satiate the adventurer in you and escape the monotonous life for some time. Nothing feels better than hitting the road with windows down, volume up, and a bunch of friends. Roads are supposed to be the most beautiful part of the journey combined with the scenic beauty it offers.

So, here are a few detailed key factors to keep in mind for making your road trip memorable without burning a hole in your pocket-

Planning - We all know that unplanned trips are always better than the planned ones, but planning helps us to analyze and then avoid the uncertain events which might turn out to be an obstacle for the remaining journey. Before you hit the road make sure you do a bit of research about the place you want to visit, routes you're gonna take, hotels or Dhabas on the way, ATMs, gas stations, and other such necessities. Road trips can be the smartest way to cool off your chaotic mind and can turn to a memorable adventure if you hit the road prepared.

Budget - The word budget doesn’t go hand in hand when you are planning a road trip. It is never budget friendly. If you are actually concerned about your budget, then you must use any public transport for your desired trip. With the rising price in fuel, the major part of the budget goes into fueling your vehicle. This doesn’t mean that a road trip will actually rip off your pocket. There are few things to be kept in mind in order to make it a bit pocket-friendly.

  • Make sure to carry dry foods which will help you last long in your journey and will keep you full throughout, this will help you to avoid spending more than the standard budget on your meal.

  • While driving your vehicle make sure to make the most out of it. Choose a route where you need not to use your brakes frequently, where the road conditions are good and you can at least drive at a standard speed. This will ensure that your fuel is consumed less and you cover maximum distance.

  • Try to avoid the toll roads, if it’s possible. There are many tolls which you can avoid, there are alternate routes which will skip the toll you are approaching. How do I get the alternate routes? Just type your destination address on google map, tap into the top right corner and select route options and then select Avoid Tolls, and you are done. Google Maps will automatically jot down the best routes avoiding the tolls on the way.

  • Try to avoid traveling during the peak season. This is the time of the year when traveling is more active and thus the price hikes more than the usual rate automatically due to higher demand in service.

Plan your stops- If your destination is more than 1000Kms. Then you must divide it into at least 2 days. Doing so, will ensure that you and your vehicle get the proper amount of rest in order to function properly and stay fit for the next day. If you are planning to take a halt then do plan your overnight stay before leaving for the trip. Set a target to be covered in a day and decide where to spend the night. It is recommended to stay near the highway or in dhabas, rather than going into the cities. This will ensure that the next day you do not have to face the busy traffic of the city and you are on time for your next destination. Also it is advised not to depend on Google Maps always, rather get the live updates of the routes or traffic from the locals itself.

A really good playlist- Having a set of songs which can boost up your mood and can soothe your soul is really important while on a road trip. Music plays a vital role when you are out on a trip with your friends, family or even solo. It actually becomes a memory in your later part of life. Whenever you come across these songs later, they will remind you of the amazing days spent with the best people of your life. Not to forget that standard music sound has to be maintained that doesn’t distract the one driving. Although, there are very few cases where it has been found that the driver/rider actually got lost in the music playing.

Please remember that the memories to be made are to be cherished forever and not regret.

Do not forget about the “New Normal”- Today as the world recovers from this deadly virus, life is getting back to that same monotonous routine. Amidst all the daily chaos, traveling is the best option to keep one mentally fit, but it comes with a risk of getting hit by this deadly virus. The first and foremost thing one should do before stepping out is get a Covid test done, to make sure he/she is ready to go and cannot be a threat to the other people. Also, many hotels, institutions, and historical sites have made it mandatory to carry a Covid negative test report for their safety.

Using mask and hand sanitizers should be strictly followed, as you might come in contact with numerous people till the end of your trip. Make sure to use them frequently especially before and after having your food or touching any surface.

That's it, the 5 key factors to run in your mind and get it done before hitting the road and make the most out of it.


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