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2 Days



Best time to Visit

Summer, Autumn, Winter




7,700 feet.

Grahan Village Trek

There are always two types of travelers visiting Kasol, one being the hippie type who loves the vibe of Kasol being crowded and getting lost into the vibe of Kasol, the other type is who want to explore every nook and corner of Kasol and always looks for the offbeat location in the valley.

Grahan, a totally separated village from the town of Kasol is one of the perfect destinations for a short hike as well as a perfect weekend destination from Delhi. This village is very less known and also 

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What should you look for?

The view from the top is so mesmerizing that it can leave anyone in awe of nature. During the breeding season, you can see the migratory birds gathering all around the lake.

This district has many small ponds which can be spotted from the top. You can also hear the bells ringing and the prayer chants if you start the trek early morning.

It changes color every season which offers the trekkers or the rock climbers different views all throughout the year.

Although this trek is accessible throughout the year, the best time to trek this hill is during monsoon and winter.

If you are trekking through the trails during the monsoon you should not miss out on the view when the dark clouds entirely surround the hill which can leave anyone terrified.

Biharinath is surrounded by hills and abundant flora and fauna which means that you can easily spot many wild plants in the region. In winter you can buy molasses made from Date juice or you can consume date juices directly which are easily available near Biharinath in abundance. 

During Shivratri, the place is filled with pilgrims who come here to offer prayers to Lord Shiva, There are even fairs held during Shivratri.

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How to reach Biharinath?

BY AIR - The nearest airport to Biharinath Hill is Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport located at Andal, Paschim Bardhaman which is at a distance of 51 Kms. You can easily get a private cab for Biharinath or if you want to cut costs you can choose to travel to Asansol or Bankura by bus and then travel all the way to Biharinath Hill.

BY TRAIN - The Rail distance from Howrah to Bankura is 233 Kms. Trains from Howrah to Bankura are available on regular basis. From Bankura, you will have to take a private cab to Biharinath hill.

BY ROAD - Bankura has good connectivity with nearby places like Asansol, Raniganj, Andal, Durgapur, Kulti, etc, which means you won't have any issues with reaching Bankura. From Bankura make a hired cab and make your way to Biharinath.

If you are from Asansol, the best possible route for you would be to take the Bamboo bridge made over the Damodar river near Riverside, Burnpur. It will take around 30-40  minutes if you take the bridge.

Please Note -  The bridge made over Damodar river is very weak and thus it is strictly advised to carry two-wheelers on it. If you have someone on the pillion, he/she will have to walk through the bridge because the bridge is very sensitive.

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