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TRAVELLING DURING PANDEMIC: Don't let COVID snatch away the explorer in you.

COVID left an imprint on us in a way that might take years to completely erase but there’s a saying that smart work is the golden key to ‘ace any situation’. So, amidst this Covid-19, let not the explorer within you die out of wanderlust. After all,  ‘Precaution is better than Cure’. We ‘The Happy Trekkers’ are here to buddy up and help you travel at your safest.
What precautions will The Happy Trekkers take?

We as a service provider are not only responsible to take care of our travelers but we also need to think about our staff spread in the mountains and other remote areas where the medical facilities are not available at a rate that cities offer. With the ongoing situation around the world, it is our responsibility to look after their well-being as well. We do not want to be a part of their misery as any infection spread from our part can have devastating ripples in their places!

With this in mind, we are presenting here our precautionary steps to ensure a safe and happy journey for us and our travelers-

  • ​We are hosting not more than fifteen travelers per batch.

  • Ensuring temperature checks at the first meeting, followed by a regular temperature check twice a day at base camp and thereafter by our staff.

  • Strict order for the staff at the mountains to use sanitizers regularly after a certain interval of time and clean the vegetables and other eatables properly with warm water.

  • COVID-19 negative test report from travelers which is taken not earlier than 72 hours of departure. (Not mandatory but highly suggested)

  • If any staff/traveler shows any symptoms of Corona Virus or found unwell, he/she will immediately be sent back to the base city.

  • Ensure that all homestays, tents, dormitories, hotels, etc. are sanitized properly twice a day.

  • In the case of camping, allowing tent numbers to every traveler has to be used till the return day at base camp.

  • Tents will be allowed on a twin-sharing basis only, and not more than that. If the travelers are of the same group and if they are willing to share it with their friends/relatives, only in those cases it would be considered. In case a traveler requests a separate tent for single occupancy, the request will be entertained with an added price of Rs.100 per night.

  • All the rented trekking gears would be sanitized in the presence of the travelers before giving it to them.

What are your responsibilities as a traveler?

We as a company are very careful with our staff and travelers approaching us for providing them with the best experience which turns out to be a memory to cherish in later life. Apart from our safety measures and precautions, there is something which we accept from our travelers too in order to maintain a healthy relationship. Following are the things which you as a traveler can do to make sure you and the people around you are safe-

  • Please do not travel if you have a cough, cold, breathing problem, fever, and any other symptoms of sickness.

  • Mandatory to inform any health-related issue, be it major or minor to the camp commander during traveling.

  • Always carry your own mask and sanitizers and wear them every time whenever you are in public or interacting with someone.

  • Avoid going out of home for at least 15 days prior to your scheduled travel.

  • Avoid touching your nose, eyes, and face every time.

  • Carry your own medical kit and know its proper usage.

  • Get yourself vaccinated with both doses as soon as possible so that you can travel responsibly.

  • Carry your vaccination certificate along with you every time.

You can also Click Here to get the list of travel precautions as mentioned by the World Health Organisation.
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