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You must have heard the famous line Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and even if you belong to that 1%  who didn't, we are sure that the B-town hasn't left you aside in making you experience the beauty of travel in that same-named film. It is true we get to live life once and to not miss out on life, every individual must surely imagine exploring the elevated topography, for once at least. If you are already an experienced trekker you might be familiar with the unmatched thrill and excitement that comes gift packed with the moment you hit the summit and if you are not a sharpened trekker, once the mighty minded Che Guevara said “Be realistic and demand the impossible” so, to keep all your realistic dramas at bay and your “Safar Suhana”, we The Happy Trekkers started this journey. From well-planned routes to separate tents to 24/7 supervisor guidance, we have everything for you available under one shade.

We understand the value, determination, and time a person invests in tracing their footprints on the intricately folded uphill routes and to not degrade the zeal to push your boundaries and make the adventure worthwhile. We offer budget-friendly itineraries and operate trips covering every level of mountain treks from beginner to basic to advance.


With the motive Paise Bachao Rasta Badhao, we organize sustainable treks keeping quality service and safety as our guides, providing you the finest trips to explore the raw untamed mountains along with the chance to experience the amiability of the highlanders and the rare deities and shrines. With our circumstance handling department for immediate as well as regular medication supports, say goodbye to all your health problems and join us to witness the strident yet beautiful domain of the world.

Meet The Team


Naseeb Ali

The Happy Trekkers
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Naseeb was like any other next-door guy who used to enjoy life from the comfort of his couch then one fine day he received a trek offer and that was it, it was like the golden ticket Hagrid gave to Harry Potter for Hogwarts. Exploring those sinuous routes and hitting the summit got him closer to his newfound passion for trekking and traveling. Since then he started sharing his merriness by forming "The Happy Trekkers". Finding travel enthusiasts from different parts of our country and guiding them to the summit became his profession.

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Priyadarshini Ghosal

The Happy Trekkers
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Priyadarshini, an entrepreneur by profession and a traveler by passion. Never stuck back in the boxes, the wanderer in her could finally find her way to peace in this chaos with The Happy Trekkers. From managing daily operations to making bonds of eternity, she might be able to make you have a memory of a lifetime. She'll guide you, customize your trips according to your comfort and try to provide you the cream of your experience.


Sanjana Chakroborty

Content head,
The Happy Trekkers
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Sanjana is a person with a gypsy soul who loves exploring and gathering knowledge about the different cultures of the world. She is currently pursuing her in Nutrition and also expresses her random thoughts under the pen name "the grey crescent". She also writes blogs in 'The Narration Fashion' and is a Co-author of Querencia Anthology.


Anubhav Dutta

Trek Leader,
The Happy Trekkers
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Anubhav is like any other local guy from Coochbehar, North Bengal who seems to born with a wanderer's heart prefers backpacking for trips and camping under the open sky than tapping toes under disco lights. He has been constantly trekking over Darjeeling, Sikkim and North Bengal trails for 6-7 years which makes him the perfect way determiner when your compass would stop working.

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